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Where I Belong

Longlisted for the BK Children Book Awards (Emerging Readers) 2023

“We are finished!” Aaji cried. “Finished. Their road will swallow up our village.”


Young Meera loves her life. Imagine living in a village by a city and the sea. But when a monster building grows, and threatens to destroy their Koliwada homes — can plucky Meera save the day?


Award-winning duo: Nandita da Cunha’s stirring prose, and Kripa’s stunning illustrations explore belonging and community, with humour and heart, in this unforgettable story…

With facts, photos and activities at the end for creative inspiration! English and Hindi Editions available

Bees Bookspace

"A truly endearing story that addresses an important, current issue and offers hope. Looking forward to use this in book club discussions.

Nandita’s words give the story a friendly feel, despite the grim issue. Her portrayal of Aaji’s thoughts at the new building, conversations between Meera and her mother and Meera’s “Aha” moment are heart-warming. I love stories that are set in real places

Kripa’s illustrations bring Meera, her village and the sea alive. The sea looks different in every page that it is featured!" 


"Da Cunha's book highlights the Koliwada community, who are an intrinsic part of the fabric of Mumbai but are seldom spoken about. 

As with, Miracle on Sunderbaag Street, she allows the reader to assess the situation from a child's perspective and come to their own conclusion. 

@kripa_illustrator fills the pages with colour and brings forth the vibrancy of the community

This book will initiate conversations, be prepared for it. Definitely add this one to your child's library today!"


"My almost nine year old and I loved reading the book and looking at the gorgeous illustrations

The plot kept us hooked right till the end. We enjoyed the narrative as well as the beautiful artwork. The book gives a glimpse into the world of the Koli community.

My son was thrilled to be able to read the story in two languages. Like most books from Katha, this one also has facts and activities at the end along with some interesting pictures taken in real Koliwadas and other places"

Toka Box

"Nandita Da Cunha's brilliant storytelling makes this book a wonderful and important read. "

"The story captivates us from start to finish. Other details in the book, about a fishing community in a village by the sea, their lives, customs, and everyday habits, also add to the vibrancy of this book. Kripa's stunning illustrations bring the sea to us and we can almost smell the saltiness in the air. " 

"The book is a great read and your kids will ask you many great questions. It is a wonderful way to think about where we come from and how to fight for what we believe is right. "

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