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My Trip to La La Land

Kidsstoppress Best Children's Books by Indian Authors (2022)

"Mom! School holidays in a school?!" 


Nine-year-old Tavishi is dragged by her mother to set up a library in a faraway mountain school in Ladakh. That's when the disasters start piling up... 


A lurking grey 'ghost';

Treks across 'moonscapes' with donkeys; 

And a bad start with the teacher's daughter Tashi! 

She has to get back NOW. 


Then, Tavishi's super-active imagination lands her and Tashi in trouble. 

Can that same imagination get them out? Read Tavishi's travel diary to find out... 

A laugh-out-loud story of friendship and adventure, annoying moms, and new beginnings... 

Includes photos that give you a peek into the culture and landscape of La-la Land - the glorious mountainous region of Ladakh!


This one’s for the adventurous road-tripping girls - or not. We loved Nandita da Cunha ‘s wonderful story of Tashvi and her mom as they travel deep into the mountains in Ladakh  to help set up a library. Part travelogue, part eco mindfulness reminder, and most of all a mother-daughter adventure. This slim little book with fun illustrations by Tasneem Amiruddin is a funny and very satisfying read.


The transition from picture books to chapter books is a tricky one and very few books manage to capture the attention of an emerging reader. My Trip to La La Land does that perfectly! 

"There is humour, a heartwarming story, relatable characters, and so many books! Pick this one up for your early chapter book reader today! "

Kids Book Cafe

"Children who read this book will feel like they are in the book itself and will feel like a part of Tavishi’s travels as well as adventures!"

" I really really hope Tavishi’s mom plans for another trip and we get to travel along with Tavs to many other places. The author gives tips for us to follow to be responsible travelers. There are beautiful pictures of Ladakh at the end of the book!! I loved this book!!"


"This delightful book about friendship and adventure also includes some stunning photos that give you a peek into the culture and landscape of the mountainous region of Ladakh.


" this book is fun, humorous full of imagination and compassion"

Indian Express

"As Tavishi reluctantly makes the journey, trying her best to be left out of her mother’s enthusiastic plans, da Cunha deftly showcases not only the transformation of the little girl’s urban ennui into childlike wonder and discovery through the adventurous time she has, but also the contrast between lifestyles that teach the children to appreciate each other and nature better."

"Da Cunha’s latest offering My Trip to La-La Land has her trademark humour and thoughtfulness"

"Written like a diary, da Cunha infuses the narrative with laugh-out-loud humour, even as she slips in information about Ladakhi culture and landscape; images and accounts of real-life ventures to build libraries in remote parts of the country. Not just that — in a hat-tip to favourite childhood reads, da Cunha also introduces readers to various classics." 

"This is a book that has so many different elements to it that each reading brings out something new to mull over."

"Perhaps, the biggest affirmation to the book’s appeal came from the resident 11-year-old who devoured it in a single reading, chuckling to himself throughout, and then getting together with friends to build a library in their school classroom for reader and non-reader friends to discover for themselves the magic of words."

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