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The Miracle on Kachhua Beach

Shortlisted for the Atta Galatta - Bangalore Lit Festival Prize (2023) - in the Children's Picture Book Illustrations category

‘Kachhua Beach?’ squealed Ori. ‘It should be called “Kachra beach”!’ Ori can’t bear his nasty nickname “Oddball Ori” or the mean jibes from the Big Boys at school. But one day, a strange sequence of events leads him down the road where he lives, past a rusty old gate, to a garbage dump that was once Kachhua Beach.

An “oddball” idea strikes him, one that will change his life forever and bring about… a miracle!


In this second book in the Miracle series, award-winning duo Nandita da Cunha’s powerful prose and Priya Kuriyan’s sensorial mixed-media illustrations come together to tell the story of how one individual can bring about positive change.

Kids Book Cafe, June 2023

"The Miracle book series by Nandita Da Cunha and Priya Kurian duo is a brilliant work of fiction based on real life changemakers. This second book of the series is inspired by a lawyer, Afroz Shah, whose determination could transform Mumbai’s Versova beach back into a serene spot"

"This story encourages young readers to believe in themselves and never shy away from fulfilling their desires."

"Read this empowering book to experience the chain of impossible-made-possible events with delightful illustrations."

"This book gives us children a hope that the world is full of helping hands. Sometimes the going gets tough but a few of them will never leave your side. You will eventually ignore all the mean people around you because you will get busy with your real friends and the coolest person ever, YOU."

Bees Bookspace, May 2023

"A beautiful book about friendship, team work and self-esteem!", May 2023 

17 Best Children's Books, for a magical Summer 2023

"As students, teachers, parents, neighbours, office goers and beach walkers join the movement, it soon becomes a mission to bring back the beach. The book is inspired by a real-life incident that happened at Mumbai’s Versova Beach in 2015"

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