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The Magic in my Fingers

If Roohi's  mischievous brother doesn’t attend sitar practice, then Baba won't take him to the market. And Roohi won't get the kite that she so badly wants! Can she keep Baba from losing his temper?

Loosely based on the childhood of renowned surbahar player Annapoorna Devi, this is a charming tale about how a young girl discovers the magic in her fingers in more ways than one.

For children   : 6+



Tokabox, May 2021

“We love picture books that have Indian classical music at the centre of the story. The Magic in My Fingers is special because it is a great narrative that has the young reader waiting to know more...”

Grey Matters, June 2021

This delightful story is loosely based on an incident in the life of the brilliant Annapurna Devi, one of our finest sitar and surbahar (bass sitar) players of Hindustani classical music. The last page of the book provides us a little more insight into her life. Truly thankful to the author for picking this gem of a musician to spotlight.

KSP Book Club Pick, June 2021

"The Magic In My Fingers is a good read for your kids to teach them to be strong and confident in what they believe in and to pursue their dreams, like this legend did." 

One Story a Day, July 2021

"...this book has been the raagam-tanam-pallavi of this week’s reads! If my little one loves the book, it’s becomes a family favourite almost immediately with everyone being asked to read to her"

"Aided by wonderfully striking illustrations, we love this book as its works on so many levels- from the very relatable reluctance to music practice (I deal with it every day!) to the wonder of a prodigious talent, from the intuitive understanding of a sister of her brother's mind  to the discovery of one’s true potential and of course the exhilarating power of music! A must buy for any music loving family!"

eShe, August 2021

" family and I are always looking out for engaging, gender-neutral, environmentally conscious and educative children’s storybooks. Here’s a list of 22 beautiful books for kids and tweens that we discovered recently."

"With beautiful illustrations by Nayantara Surendranath and production designer Kanimozhi A, this is the real-life story about the young Annapurna Devi, the daughter of Allauddin Khan, one of India’s most prominent teachers of classical music."

Housefullofbooks, October 2021

"A charming tale inspired by true events of how a young girl discovered the hidden magic in her fingers."

"...Overall a lovely story which is so motivating."

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