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The Miracle on Sunderbaag Street

Neev Award 2021 (Emerging Readers Category),

Parag Honour List 2021,

Special Jury Award at the  FICCI Publishing Awards (2022) - category 'Children's Book of the year

Kidsstoppress Best Children's Books, 2020

Shortlisted for the WWF-Greenlitfest Honour List, 2021

Young Zara sits alone every evening, in a dump yard on Sunderbaag Street. One day, the gate creaks open and in walks Miss Gappi! She plants an idea in Zara’s mind. This sets them off on a mission that changes Zara’s life…and the lives of many who live on Sunderbaag Street

This is a story of the power of community, and the power of nature. It was inspired by a true life community project to transform a forgotten plot in Bandra, Mumbai into a green, urban farm. 

For children   : 6+


Toka Box, October 2020

"We love how this book doesn't just teach about cleaning up, recycling, and keeping the environment clean but is also such a wonderful and heart-warming story."

Grey Matters, October 2020

"It is a vital reminder that a small group of people, inspired by a need to bring a change, is the only prerequisite to save the planet - indeed a poignant reminder that "We are the change we are waiting for."

Myth Aunty, November 2020

"This was easily one of my favourite Indian published children's books of 2020

Bookwallis, December, 2020

"A powerful story about how an intent, an idea and an initiative can achieve extraordinary outcomes. The mix-media illustrations trigger an earthly sensorial effect. "

Bookedforlife, January 2021

"Get the book for your little ones and join Zara in her quest for her green and colourful Sunderbaag by transforming Sunderbaag with help of dedicated souls. ‘The Miracle on Sunderbaag Street’ by Nandita da Cunha is an environmentally oriented story on positivity."

The Rabbit Hole, Feb, 2021

"An inspiring picture book about how one person's initiative can bring about a positive change in the environment"

ourbookishabode, February 2021

The transformation of a gloomy street to a blooming one was remarkable, emotional and inspiring and we enjoyed this journey a lot. Yes, the miracle did happen on Sunderbaag Street. We loved this lovely sweet story and it’s great that it comes with such a meaningful message.

Kids Book Cafe, March 2021

The Miracle on Sunderbaag Street turned out to be one of the most beautiful and heartwarming reads, for both me as well as my four year old. 

The reader is taken on an amazing journey of discovering recycling as well as looking after the environment, all of it woven together with an incredibly tender, heart touching story.

House Full of Books, June 2021

"How she [Zara] comes out of her grief and gets involved in this task of transforming the dump yard to the beautiful garden that it used to be forms the rest of the story. The beautiful illustrations complement the story so well."

"..a gem of a book"

Sustainability Next, September 2021

"Author Nandita da Cunha effortlessly weaves many different and important themes into this joyful and timely story that throws up new discoveries in every successive read. " 

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