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Just Like Papa

Shortlisted for the Jarul Book Award 2022-23

Young 'genius Gee' dreams of becoming a famous artist like her father. But when she picks up her brush, her mind goes as blank as the Canvas before her. She tries and tries to paint like her father but with no luck.


Does this means she can never be 'just like Papa?'


A touching and whimsical story that deals with a first brush with failure, and reminds us to follow our hearts!.

For children 8+



Grey Matters,October 2020

"Of kids' dreams and struggles and a brush with failure...Just like Papa is a beautiful picture book by Nandita da Cunha , whimsically illustrated by Shreya Sen"

Toka Box, November 2020

"This is a beautiful book about encouraging our children to find their hidden potential and to cherish their individuality." 


Bookedforlife, November 2020

"How can parents gently lead their kids to discover themselves? This is the poignant theme that runs through this apparently simple book, titled Just Like Papa.

The entire mood of the book, through the words, the theme and the illustrations is very contemporary and hence will resonate with the modern reader." 

Kidsstoppress, KSP Book Club, Feb 2021

"This book tells the little ones to follow their heart- do what they like and teaches them about being passionate. Doesn't sound too preachy, but with simple lines, engaging illustrations and a nice take-home-message, this one will guarantee a good bonding time with the kids, when you read to/with them." 

ourbookishabode, April 2021

"It's a beautiful story about acceptance and following your dreams. It’s also a good reminder that children may have different interests and dreams than their parents"

mumsandstories, July 2021

"The book beautifully explains what one can do with perseverance or what it means to ‘follow your heart’. Imagination and even the mind block is discussed that is understandable for kids."

housefullofbooks, December 2021 

"My seven year old loved the story. He was amused by Gia’s problem and loved the way the book ended. Never give up trying and you might find what you are looking for even though it might be very different and unexpected from what it was at the outset. The story tells us this so beautifully."

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